Freedom Australia Can’t Provide the Goods

** Update** I received a call from Freedom on Thursday 19th March to discuss the status of my order. They offered either a refund for the missing items or a store credit if I chose to wait for the items (due in June apparently). I took the refund. There are too many conflicting stories for me to be bothered waiting until June only to find out it will be longer (especially with this virus as it is). The most interesting thing was that they mentioned this blog post which, at that time, I hadn’t posted anywhere other than on WordPress. So at least there was finally some customer service and an offer to return my money but I’d still advise looking elsewhere for now.

In December 2019, my partner and I finally achieved our dream of buying our first home. It’s nothing flash; a small three bedder with an average sized backyard with bushy outlook and, to our absolute delight, a swimming pool. Thrilled about not having to buy furniture that fit each new rental we lived in, we turned to Freedom Furniture to buy our outdoor setting and a new couch. Continue reading “Freedom Australia Can’t Provide the Goods”

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