Do you recycle right?


It’s no secret that we’ve become a wasteful society. Consumerism, convenience and keeping up with the Joneses mean that Australians create 2 tonnes of waste per year . With knowledge though, comes power – the power to make a change. The ABC’s War On Waste program is the latest in the effort to make Australians aware of just how much waste we produce, and how to dispose of waste better. Continue reading

Life via Social Media


Social media. As much as I use it, I’ve never been a big fan of it. I had a MySpace back in the day but I held out on Facebook because I just didn’t see it as a necessity. As a big talker I always preferred a good old chat on the phone. Then all my friends went overseas and it was the only way to see their far flung adventures so I caved. Now, I’m as much a slave to it as anyone else. Continue reading

What’s in a name?

About a year after I started working at my current workplace I was chatting to a colleague who was about 3 or 4 months pregnant. We were talking about babies and families and I said “Naomi did IVF but it was unsuccessful.” I’d say she looked at me strangely but it was a look I’d seen many times before. “My partner is Naomi too,” I said. She sighed, exasperated. “Oh you’re gay,” she said. Continue reading