The things kids say!


Earlier this week after a particularly trying day, we braved the McDonald’s drive thru so I could get a much-needed coffee. We ordered and paid on autopilot, not giving anything too much thought. As we moved up to the next window, the little dude pipes up and says “Would you like your receipt? She forgot to ask you that.” I almost died, and I realised that maybe I’d got one too many drive through coffees lately!

People always tell you that kids are sponges, soaking up everything that goes on around them. But nothing quite prepares you for when your own child comes through with the real zingers. The ones that take you by surprise. We spend so much time trying to get kids to listen and do what we ask that it’s equal parts infuriating and hilarious when they prove they’re doing that all along.

When they repeat swear words (like ‘holy crapballs’, something you know they got from you), tell you to ‘disregard’ something (terminology left over from previous jobs), or spout house rules back to you it’s hard to know whether to be proud or horrified.

Tonight, the little dude told me that if I didn’t eat my dinner, I wouldn’t get dessert. As I opened my mouth to tell him it didn’t work that way he said “I know, that rule’s only for kids.” Sheesh.

Most of the time, it’s funny but sometimes I worry about what else he’s picking up that he hasn’t let slip yet. Can he read my thoughts? Does he know what I’m really thinking when I say “That wasn’t very nice,” or “I don’t like that behaviour”? He’s already got my eye roll and sigh, combined with Naomi’s ‘sass’ (let’s call it sass!). I don’t know if I can handle him picking up any more of our traits!

If nothing else it proves that, whilst genetics certainly has its part to play (and my is it playing it’s part in our little man) the people you surround your kids with will have far more of an impact on their behaviour. The lesson here – don’t let me drive your kids around or they’ll be asking for receipts too! And maybe asking for a tall mocha with one sugar!

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