And so big school begins

“We saw a police car rescuing someone for driving too fast. He fell on the ground because he wanted to get away from the policeman. They pushed him on the floor. He wasn’t dead though. He was just laying on the floor. There wasn’t blood though.”
-Little Dude, big school, day 4.

This is what the little dude told us happened on an excursion today. It’s precisely why I am excited that he has started school, to listen to him retell the days event without us putting things in context for him. And it’s been rippers like this all week!

So, the first week of school is down. Only 13 years to go! Like thousands of others, our little dude started big school this week. Decked out in a particularly ugly uniform with a backpack almost big enough to carry him in and socks that could double as tights, we waited patiently outside the kindergarten room to have our photo taken before settling him into his new environment. He was a little whingey when we left but a quick distraction allowed us to make our getaway.

Big school is a big deal for the little dude. Not only does he crave knowledge as someone who has been able to read since he was 3, but we had to fight to get him there (long story) and from the first time we took him to view a school he has been desperate to go. “They have iPads,” he would tell me repeatedly. When we told him he wouldn’t be allowed to use them every day he said “Well I’ll have to speak to the teacher about that”!

As his parents, we have been looking forward to big school since the day after preschool finished last year! It’s not that we don’t love spending time with our little guy but with everything that families have to juggle at that time of year as well as my recovery and the fact that the little dude would give an energizer bunny a run for his money, six weeks feels like a decade! So during the holidays when I was inevitably asked if I was nervous or sad about him starting school I would joke and say “God no, I want him out of my hair”!

The truth though is I am excited for him. I am excited to see him take his first steps into a bigger world and see what he does with his freedom from us. To watch him learn and discover where his curiosity takes him. He is already so capable and determined I can’t wait to see what things he takes an interest in and what he excels at; to see the world through his eyes where every new fact is fascinating and where true wonder can be found in simple things.

There will be a lot of hard times for him too which we will have to navigate and whilst it’s tempting to wish I could skip that and keep it from him it’s part and parcel of growing up. Kids are so much more resilient, courageous and adventurous than we ever give them credit for.

So at the end of this first week, I can confidently say that so far big school has been a big success for the little dude. He is happy to go back which is a plus and he is even enjoying the small homework tasks that are set. On the downside, somehow the start of school has contributed to our already eloquent and chatty child choosing more interesting concepts to discuss and has lead to him talking more which I honestly didn’t think was humanly possible. When he has had enough of discussing school in the afternoon, we are becoming accustomed to his dismissal of us. With a hand wave he says “you two chat to each other”.

It’s going to be a long 13 years!!

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