Perplexed by kids fashion


Fashion. I’ve never been one to give much thought to it. As an overweight female I wear what fits. I’ve given even less thought to children’s fashion. Until I met my partner I didn’t even consider kids clothes as fashion, more just as ‘play smocks’ or necessary body coverings. I have learnt that I am (apparently) wrong.

If I’m honest, I’ve not had much to do with dressing our child. Or arranging his food or taking him places. As a shift worker (with the world’s worst roster) I couldn’t be as involved as I would have liked. When I went off work due to my cancer, suddenly I could help more.

It seemed so easy until I was faced with drawers full of clothes in very specific piles. I pulled out a shirt and shorts. Success.

When Bub came home she took one look at him and her face froze. “Is that what he wore today?”

“Yes. Why?”

“No reason.”

Apparently the colours and patterns I chose did not go together at all and sandals with that outfit – really?

These days, she places out his clothes in advance. The anxiety was too great for both of us – me in trying to chose and her in seeing the outcome!

We joke that it’s good that I was the one diagnosed with cancer because we’d really screwed otherwise. I imagine me sitting on the floor sobbing because I don’t know if his banana t-shirt goes with the Seed shorts, or if an occasion is fancy enough for the button up shirt. Or replacing his entire wardrobe with black and white because guaranteed that goes together!

Things have eased off a little now. And by eased off I mean I no longer care. Plus I get a small amount of pleasure in watching her try not to judge – a process which manifests itself physically with raised eyebrow and sometimes, twitching.

During my hospital stay Naomi went op shopping with a friend looking for bargains for the kids in our life.

“What about this?” said out friend.

“Nope. I don’t do licensed clothes,” said Naomi.

“What about this?” said the friend.

“Nope. I don’t do second hand Kmart.” Or dinosaurs or cutesy girls clothes, or certain brands or ‘that colour’.

Everyone has the things that they are specific (or peculiar) about. This is hers. It’s a good thing she doesn’t blog these days or she might retaliate. Personally I don’t think she’d find anything to judge me on because, you know – I’m totally perfect! We’ll see what she says in winter though when I introduce a sandal and toe-sock combo!

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