Santa Claus is coming to town!


Tomorrow is Christmas Day!! In fact it will be the 35th time I’ve celebrated this occasion and the 34th time Santa has broken in and left goodies behind. (The year I lived in Melbourne on my own, he must have misplaced my address. Or I was on the naughty list… nah!) Where the previous Christmases have been full of joy and cheer, this one has been difficult for our family.

For one thing, there was every chance I wouldn’t have been here this  year. In early June I was told that, without treatment for my crazy disease I would have 6 months to live. Luckily we avoided that downer, but with my lengthy hospital stay and subsequent recovery, the lead up to Christmas has been haphazard at best.

As I’m not supposed to drive, I can’t go out and buy gifts so Naomi has purchased them all this year, including her own. I can’t wait ’til Christmas morning to see what I got her! We got the tree up and decorated, and the lights outside done but that’s it. Our Christmas bunting, our wall hangings, our tinsel all remain in their boxes because this year, we just didn’t have the energy. There are no Christmas puddings (chocolate or traditional) boiling on the stove or honey nutmeg biscuits in the oven because we are constantly exhausted. Naomi because she has had so much on her plate and me because my body is Benjamin Buttoning from an invalid to a semi-capable 34 year old.

Whilst we are sad that we haven’t been able to put the energy into Christmas that we normally do, we are both eternally grateful that I am here to see our son’s face light up on Christmas morning when he sees all the gifts we Naomi Santa brought him and that Naomi doesn’t have to do it on her own.

To everyone who has sent kind and supportive messages, thank you so much. I was dosed up on fentanyl at the time most of them were sent thus the late response! We had the parents of friends offer up their home, old friends offering babysitting, ex work colleagues invite us to Christmas parties, friends cook us food, colleagues deliver our groceries and good friends look after our cat! Not to mention the awesome quilt one lovely lady made me and the card and handkerchief from my Nan’s cousin who I didn’t know existed until the card arrived!

From my tired but grateful family to anyone who reads this, but particularly those we’ve relied on so much recently, have a very Merry Christmas. Whether you believe or not (in Jesus or Santa) enjoy the company of your family and friends and eat good food. Just be sure to leave room for the hot cross buns that will inevitably appear at New Years!

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