Curl up with a good… e-reader


I love books. I’ve always dreamed of owning a home and turning one room into a gorgeous little library. In the fantasy there is also oversized armchairs facing a bay window overlooking the grounds of my small country estate with groundskeepers trimming the topiary trees wishing they too could be locked away in my library.
Back in reality though, every time we lowly renters move, we pack too many books into small boxes and lug them from the house to the truck then the truck to the house and I painstakingly arrange them in a specific order that makes no sense to anyone else but me!
I love to reminisce about the books. When I grab a new one to read, I love the feel of the paper and the sound as you turn each page, the smell of older books, musky and musty. I don’t care that I put my neck out reading them in bed or their weight in my handbag. I love the nostalgia of looking at your library of books huddled together containing all the secrets their authors have let you in on.
Despite this deep love and my committed resistance, I caved and purchased a Kindle Paperwhite. Books will be hard to store when I’m in hospital for my upcoming operation. It also reduces the amount of book lugging with each move and means I don’t wake Naomi whilst reading in bed!
I researched and researched to decide on the best one. One has additional storage, one doesn’t. The Aussie book industry prefers Kobo over the evil might of Amazon. That’s about the only difference I remember (thanks chemo-brain!). In the end I didn’t make a well-researched decision. I made a “I have a voucher and can have it in my hand today” decision, thus – the Kindle Paperwhite.
Part of me was certain it wouldn’t get used. That it would become a fancy bookmark for my ‘real’ books. And part of me still wants to hate it because a) you shouldn’t have to plug your ‘book’ in to read it and b) I love the satisfying feeling of closing a book when finished. But since purchasing it a week ago I’ve finished two books and I’m on my third. So much for that theory.
The only difficulty I’ve had is getting used to the speed the Kindle operates at during navigation, not because it’s inherently bad but because it’s no iPad. But I love the screen which is much easier for lengthy reading than the iPad and the ability to purchase new books without having to get off the couch.

It has been added to my pile of technological devices. I’d lament the amount of technology I own but these four devices still weight less than my Year 12 maths text book and have been infinitely more useful!


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