A little bit of lettering


There is something about beautiful handwriting and drawers full of stationary that I’ve always found appealing, so it’s no surprise that in the last few months I’ve gotten into calligraphy and lettering. The hard part about that is that I am really no artist. I have no ability to put beautiful colours together or come up with amazing designs of my own accord. But that’s what I have Pinterest for – to emulate the cleverness of people around the world!

I’d never thought about it before but as devoid of artistic creativity as I am, I have always been into crafting of some sort.

In the 8 years Naomi and I have been together I have gone through cross stitching, paper crafts, stamping, cake decorating (or at least reading about it), lino printing, and now calligraphy. Each time I take on a new craft I am certain I will be expert at it. 30 seconds later when I realise I have not transformed into Picasso by sheer will, I am desperately disappointed and surprisingly shocked. I usually try to persist.

Lettering appeals to me because I’ve always had neat handwriting and I like words, not to mention I can do it sitting in front of the TV.

After a couple of months, I haven’t seen the improvements I’d like but I still enjoy doing it. These are just a few of the hundreds of pieces of paper I’ve gone through since starting. Thank god for recycling!

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