My mean, green electric bike!


It’s an unflattering image to be sure but let me introduce you to my mean, green Yuba El Boda Boda cargo bike! Isn’t she pretty? I rode her for the first time a week ago for the first time since May. We bought it last year after selling our second car. We both work within a kilometre of home so the expense of a second car became difficult to justify. I’d like to say I put in a lot of research to deciding on which bike to get – shape, style, electrics, not electrics – but really I saw it, thought it was pretty and bought it! Knowing I could get it as electric was the icing on the cake!

Appendix cancer has stopped me from riding too much lately so it’s Naomi (and the little dude) who are responsible for the majority of the 740km on the bike. Naomi takes the little man to preschool, the beach, the shops, athletics. He talks to people at the lights, often telling motor cyclists he has a motor bike like they do! He especially loves it when he gets to bring a friend along.

The little dude and my Godson off to pick up fish and chips!

Apart from the fact that it looks pretty schmick, the electrics are fab. To be fair, I actually do pedal. It seems unnatural not to, but it’s great when your legs get a little wobbly to just cruise along using the throttle at a respectable 28km/hr. All that is missing is the cup holder which Naomi won’t let me get!!

The bike wasn’t cheap but when you factor in the cost of a car and time finding parking at the places we tend to frequent the bike is a great option and an excellent conversation starter.

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