It’s been about two years since I last contributed to a blog. Back then I was working full time, studying full time and ghostwriting books in my spare time so of course the blog was neglected in favour of keeping my very busy schedule on track. My how times change.

These days I have all the time in the world. Nothing like a cancer diagnosis to really turn things upside down! I am at home full time at the moment and in between a ridiculous amount of medical appointments I have the time to get back to writing. I had hoped to have the time to get back on my mean, green electric cargo bike but the abdomen isn’t a fan. I will get there though… small steps.

I live in Newcastle NSW with my partner of eight years who is also called Naomi! I remember when we first met she was looking for a room mate and knew I was also looking so she suggested we look together. My first thought was “Gee, I couldn’t live with her”. I guess the joke was on me! We rent a cute old house which we share with our 4 year old foster son who has lived with us for two years, and our grey cat Frankie-Mae.

I  was ghostwriter for Casey Donovan’s autobiography Big, Beautiful & Sexy and have also ghost written a number of other works. I have recently got back into lettering and calligraphy and am learning what it’s like being home full time. I have lived in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle and have moved on average once every two years of my life.

I try to approach things either light heartedly or with an often inappropriate sense of humour. I try to laugh about everything, including the cancer which I plan to be particularly honest about. There isn’t much out there about appendix cancer so every little bit helps!



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