Freedom Australia Can’t Provide the Goods

** Update** I received a call from Freedom on Thursday 19th March to discuss the status of my order. They offered either a refund for the missing items or a store credit if I chose to wait for the items (due in June apparently). I took the refund. There are too many conflicting stories for me to be bothered waiting until June only to find out it will be longer (especially with this virus as it is). The most interesting thing was that they mentioned this blog post which, at that time, I hadn’t posted anywhere other than on WordPress. So at least there was finally some customer service and an offer to return my money but I’d still advise looking elsewhere for now.

In December 2019, my partner and I finally achieved our dream of buying our first home. It’s nothing flash; a small three bedder with an average sized backyard with bushy outlook and, to our absolute delight, a swimming pool. Thrilled about not having to buy furniture that fit each new rental we lived in, we turned to Freedom Furniture to buy our outdoor setting and a new couch. Continue reading “Freedom Australia Can’t Provide the Goods”

‘Let me know if you need anything.’

One of the shitty things about being human is that some of us sometimes get really sick. A will-I-live-or-will-I-die sort of sick. As a collective we spend our lifetime trying to outrun our own mortality so being forced to face it makes people feel a bit ick inside. We feel inadequate because we don’t know what to do or the right thing to say. The thing is when someone gets sick (the live-or-die kind of sick) there is no right thing to say. But if there was, ‘let me know if you need anything’ (LMKIYNA) isn’t it. Continue reading “‘Let me know if you need anything.’”

The menopause.

Menopause is supposed to be something your mother has. When my mother first started ‘whinging’ about the effects of menopause, I’d roll my eyes and sigh. “Yes, we know, you’re hot. We get it.” Only I didn’t get it. I was a self-centred, mean spirited young thing who had absolutely no idea that my mum wasn’t just hot. She felt like she could combust at any moment. I wasn’t supposed to understand that until at least middle age, but there I was, 34 years old, wondering why the hell I was sweating only on one shin… Continue reading “The menopause.”

I am a little bit obsessed with Facebook’s ‘On this day’ feature. I get excited when the clock ticks past midnight and I can see what memories I’ll be reminded of! Most of the time I am disappointed at just how uninteresting some of my posts were, but there are always the ones that make you laugh or that are accompanied by photo’s you forgot had been taken. Then there are the ones that knock the wind out of your sails – memories with friends you no longer see, pictures of people whose lives have been lost, and for me, memories BC/DC – before and during cancer. Continue reading “Facebook and the persistence of memory.”


The onslaught of pink advertising banners and sales on kitchen gadgets and preparation for stalls is in full swing which means only one thing – Mother’s Day is around the corner. That one day of the year that’s supposed to be about you but often ends up being about compromise, guilt and shattered expectations. Ugh. Continue reading “Not Mother’s Day Again!”


In the last 3 months I’ve written plenty of things that should have made it on to my blog. Funny things, cancer-related things, non-cancer-related things. But they never seem to quite get there because I get distracted, or I get tired, or I worry it’s too negative, or I binge-watch something on Netflix. You’d think that not having to work would mean I had all the time in the world to be doing the things I want but it hasn’t really worked out that way. Continue reading “What comes next?”


2017 was a hell of a year. A year of starting again in so many ways. And a year of adventure. At this time last year my scar from my surgery was still open in 3 places (still with 5 months of healing ahead) and the crushing heat in a stifling summer was killing me, as were the incessant hot flushes of menopause. I was learning how to manoeuvre in my old world in the new and strangely empty body I had brought back from hospital. Continue reading “Hello 2018.”

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